Rolls & Buns

You can quickly and easily bake 1 and 2 ounce dinner rolls with any of our mixes.

You will not need a baking bag. Instead, you need a cookie sheet and a sheet of baker's parchment and some vegetable oil spray. You will also need a scoop (AKA "Portioner", "Disher" or "Trigger scoop."):


1. Prepare dough using the recipe on the Big Bag.

2. Place parchment on cookie sheet. Fill a cup or bowl with water and store the scoop in it.

3. Fill the scoop with dough. Use a wet spatula to press the dough into the scoop. Scoop hemispheres of dough onto the parchment, allowing at least 1 inch on each side of every roll.

4. Use a wet spatula to smooth the dough rounds, or wet your hands and shape dough into smooth balls. Lightly spray the rounds with vegetable oil. Optional: dust with white rice flour, chia seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds or poppy seeds.

Place a rack in the center portion of a cold oven. Place rolls on the rack. Let the rolls rest for ten minutes, then turn oven on, to 400 F. When oven reaches full temperature, set timer to 35 minutes. Check rolls at conclusion of this time. If done, they should sound hollow when tapped.

7. Remove rolls to a cooling rack. They can be eaten as soon as they cool. EXTRA: If you want a soft crust, place just-cooled rolls into a plastic bag and seal tightly for at least 1 hour.

New Italian 1-ounce dinner rolls