Luce's FAQ

Is your facility dedicated gluten-free and certified?

We are dedicated gluten-free but not certified. We purchase ingredients from certified providers, such as Bob's Red Mill. We self-test our finished products using the Elisa 666 process. You can contact us for a complete list of suppliers.

Is your facility free of all top allergens?

No. We process dairy and sesame seeds in our facility.

How do I get the best prices?

Two ways: Navigate to Bulk, or purchase The Tasting. We recommend The Tasting for first-time users. Bulk is better for experienced customers, since Bulk purchases do not include instructions, baking bags, support sheets or dusting flour.

How do you ship?

Exclusively through the US Post Office Priority mail. Once your package goes in the mail it will reach you in 1 - 3 days, depending on your location. We ship from Berkeley Heights NJ, zip 07922.

How can I get free shipping?

Any order of $70 or more ships free!

Do you ship to Canada, Mexico, The EU, South America?

Internationally we ONLY ship to Canada. Customers in the EU or Switzerland need to buy from Rana's Artisan Bread in London, UK.

Do your mixes contain Xanthan Gum?


Help! I added 3/4 cup of water to the Bold Buckwheat Premium mix and it looks like soup, not dough!

Patience! Bold Buckwheat Premium mix absorbs water slowly. Check the dough in 5 minutes; it should be much stiffer. In fact it may be hard to stir, which means you will need to add more water.

My dough looks nothing like the doughs I remember from baking wheat breads. How do I know I've got it right?

Indeed, our gluten-free mixes produce strange-looking dough. They will however produce excellent bread if they are properly mixed. "Properly" means making them wet enough: they should have the consistency of commercial mayonnaise. They also must be vigorously stirred but not over-beaten. Too little stirring and the bread will be lumpy; too much and the crust will be too thick.

What happens if I add too much/too little water?

Too much water and the results will be a non-cylindrical loaf - more like pizza than bread - with a very wet interior. Too little water and the loaf will be a brick - very hard crust and very small bread.

Won't the baking bag catch fire in my oven?

No, it will not. Many people ask us that and we suspect they're recalling Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel, Fahrenheit 451, which is supposedly the temperature at which paper catches fire. We've baked with our bags in an oven set as high as 500 F with no resulting fire.

Won't my bread taste like paper?

No. The papers we use do not transfer any taste to the bread.

My bread came out very wet inside. What happened?

Usually this is caused by cutting the loaf too soon after baking. If is important to let the baked loaf stand at least 2 hours - and preferably longer - before cutting. This long rest allows crust and crumb to stabilize. Wet interior can also come from accidentally setting the oven to "Convection" or inaccurate oven temperature. An oven thermometer can help determine and solve the problem.

When I used to bake wheat loaves I knew they were done when my instant-read thermometer said 207 F. Can I use that technique for your breads?

No. Gluten-free starches become solid at a different rate than wheat starches. The bread interior needs to remain at 207 F for quite some time before it is “done.”

I have a giant cavity in my bread. What happened?

This comes from too-rapid dough expansion in the oven. If you put the bread on a pizza stone or cookie sheet, this "fault" often results. The best prevention is to only set loaves directly on the oven rack. Also, if you have the time, you should allow the dough to rise before baking.

I have a pizza stone. Should I use it?

Not for our loaf breads. We do not recommend the use of stones or heavy metal cookie sheets. However, a stone will help with crackers and flatbreads made with OMG Flatbread Mix.

Does it matter if my oven is electric or gas?

Not in the least! What does matter is the temperature. You should use a thermometer to check it.

Can I use a convection oven?

Not with the baking bag. See special convection oven instructions at the bottom of the Instruction page.

Can I re-use the baking bag?

Not for baking. After heating, the bag is too fragile for more baking. Fortunately it is 100% biodegradable. You CAN re-use the support sheet.

Oh, no - I tore the bag while inserting my loaf!

No worries. You can use any paper bag. Some bags will make your kitchen smell like paper, but the bread will still taste good. You may have to bake longer if the bag is thick.

I forgot the dusting flour! (Or - I don't like flour-dusted bread)

That's OK. You can bake without dusting flour. (Alternatively, you can use almost any gluten-free flour or seeds). The flour does help make a crunchier crust and it does diminish the overall moisture. If you don't dust, you may find the bread sticks to the bag. A little scraping with a kitchen knife will take off any adhering paper.