Baking Luce's at High Altitude
Baking Luce's at High Altitude Photo

Baking at elevations above 5000 feet can be challenging. Since there is less air pressure, the gasses which make breads rise can expand too fast and escape. Also, high-altitude air has less humidity. These two factors tend to reduce loaf size while thickening and toughening the crust.

To reduce these problems, Luce's recommends the following:

• Bake in a small oven if you can. Research performed at 7,500 feet indicates that a toaster oven produces superior results.
• Add more water to the flour. 2 to 4 tablespoons additional water may help tenderize the crust. This is particularly important in dry climates.
• Add a small amount to the baking time. 10 minutes additional time can help produce a better crust and interior moisture.

We have not found that recipe additives make a significant difference in loaf quality.

OMG Flatbread should not require any changes for high-altitude baking. This formula was originally developed for a soldier with celiac disease being deployed to 8,000 feet in Afghanistan.

Many thanks to Sherry Klein for performing tests in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico.