Baking in a Convection Oven

Convection - or Fan - ovens can reduce bake time.

DO NOT USE THE BAKING BAG. Do not use the dusting flour. You will need cooking oil spray.


Start the oven before mixing the dough. Set oven to "Fan" or "Convection Bake". Set temperature to 400 F.

Mix the dough as you normally would. Place a support sheet or a piece of parchment on a cookie sheet. Turn out the dough onto the support sheet or parchment. Shape the dough into a loaf or divide into two to four sections, making rolls.

Using a wet spoon or spatula, and dipping this frequently into water, carefully smooth the loaf or bun surface.

Cover dough loosely with a piece of wet plastic wrap. Set in a warm (80F) place and let rise: 5 minutes for REALLY "Rye", 30 minutes for Classic Sourdough or Winter Spice, 60 minutes for New Italian and Bold Buckwheat Premium.

Spray loaves lightly with cooking oil. If bread is Classic Sourdough, Bold Buckwheat or REALLY "Rye," slash the surface to allow loaves to expand with minimal tearing. Do not slash New Italian or Winter Spice.


Place uncovered loaves, on their support sheet(s), on a middle oven rack.

If dough is divided into 4 rolls, bake 35 minutes.

If dough is divided into 2 rolls, bake 45 minutes,

If you have made a single loaf, bake 75 minutes

Checking for "Done-ness":

Finished bread is dark tan to walnut brown with darker "Freckles." Winter Spice is almost black.

To confirm "Done-ness," remove a loaf or roll and tap with your fingertip. If loaf sounds hollow it is done. Unfinished loaves can be returned to the oven if you do so within two minutes.

If is generally better to over-bake than to under-bake.

NOTE: The crust of a convection-baked loaf is thicker than breads baked conventionally.


Allow baked loaves to cool completely before cutting and eating. Baguette style breads are best if allowed to cool at least 4 hours. Rolls are ready to eat after one hour.

Store uncut breads at room temperature. Do not cover or bag. Never refrigerate. Loaves may be frozen if secured in a freezer-proof bag.

Place cut loaves, cut-side-down, on a smooth clean surface, such as a cutting board. Do not cover or bag. Breads will be good for up to 3 days.