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GF Creations LLC and its production group, Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread, was founded in 2010 by Charles Luce with the goal of creating true artisan gluten-free flour blends.

Charles Luce is a life-long home baker and visual artist who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002 and found all available breads unpalatable. Calling on his art-making skills as well as an extensive knowledge of photographic chemistry, he launched a seven-year investigation into baking technologies and unexplored possibilities. What he discovered was the way to make real and great-tasting gluten-free bread: lean formulas, no unnecessary additives and simple, direct methods. Converting these formulas into uncompromised mixes was the next step, fully accomplished by 2012 when Luce's began distributing.

Luce's has always put flavor first. Our goal is to make products so tasty and enticing that everyone at the table will willing partake, whether or not they need to be gluten-free. We understand the distress of homemakers who have to buy two versions of every food - one for a celiac family member and a repeat for those who quite reasonably refuse to touch the gluten-free products. Our slogan - Great Bread For Everybody - precisely reflects that commitment and the products that fulfill it.

To introduce our discovered methods to as wide a population as possible we began licensing our intellectual property, starting in 2015. Rana's Artisan Bread, London, was a start-up when they acquired rights to our know-how. Holding a territory of the EU and Switzerland, Rana's has grown to a company valued at £1.2 million ( FY 2018).

Our licensing terms are affordable and very comprehensive. Royalties are modest and have a low minimum. A licensing agreement includes detailed information on our IP, step-by-step instructions for its use, a one-week instructional seminar at your facility by Charles Luce, and follow-up Q and A without additional charge. Exclusive-use territories are available in whole-country segments throughout the world, excluding The EU, The UK, Switzerland and the USA.

Our flour blends and their key components are easy and cost-effective to produce. Investment in product-specific equipment is minimal; less than $10,000 US (depending on predicted output quantity). No dubious chemicals are involved. Processes are scaleable. Many can be automated.

If in-house baking is your goal we have pages of recipes to get you going. Real water-boiled bagels. Sourdough baguettes. Burger buns that won't crumble. Enriched, soft crust sandwich loaves. Cinnamon-raisin bread. Gruyére-stuffed biscuits. And much, much more.

From your customer's perspective, everything you sell will be tasty and/or incredibly easy to use. Except for our pancake and all-purpose mixes, each blend requires only water, hand tools, and an oven for a baker of any skill to produce a handsome, tasty and gluten-free loaf of bread. All ingredients are also vegan, and the assembled blends are free from eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts and legumes. Every blend can be enriched; dough can be produced and frozen, breads and other baked goods can be par-baked and frozen. With Luce's there are endless possibilities, all of them mind-blowingly good.

We invite you to examine Rana's website (https://www.ranasbakery.com/) and to review the comments of the home bakers on Luce's Facebook page.

I too am happy to answer any question.

Thank you for visiting this site.

Charles Luce.